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Helping Medical Customers Improve and Save Lives

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Joining the next wave of medical technology

Our customers in the medical industry are disrupting healthcare with innovative medical devices and technology. Lucas Milhaupt strives to help our medical customers improve and even save lives. As medical devices and technology have become smaller and more complex, brazing and metal joining have become a vital component of medical device manufacturing.

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Transparent Quality of Process and Materials

When a device could be interacting with the body, it is vital to use the highest quality alloys. Lucas Milhaupt is one of the few vertically integrated companies offer brazing services, metal joining consulting, and alloys. In applications where lives are literally on the line, quality is paramount.

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Prototyping and Testing Capabilities

When it comes to the small and often fragile parts in the medical industry, precision must be applied to design, formation, and fabrication. Prototyping and testing are often a necessary part of the process. Lucas Milhaupt offers a clean lab room and vacuum brazing capabilities for our medical customers to test parts as part of the design process.

The combination of our lab and testing capabilities, breadth of product, and technical brazing expertise has helped our medical customers continue to stay ahead of their competition and rest assured that their innovative designs are safe and reliable.

Brazing Process Consultation from Industry Leaders

how to braze aluminum, silver brazing, gold braze alloyEngineering teams designing the next wave of medical technology must be conscious of biometric compatibility, corrosion resistance, and electric conductivity. Precious metals are ideal for joining applications in medical devices.

Lucas Milhaupt has been training engineers how to braze for over 75 years. Our expert Technical Services team offers some of the best brazing talent in the industry. A brazing consultation throughout the design process can ensure stronger, longer lasting joints for a more reliable medical device.

Connect with a brazing expert for your next design

One of our brazing experts would love help you save lives with cutting edge medical innovations that are built to last.


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