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Lucas Milhaupt throughout the ages

Lucas Milhaupt HistoryLucas Milhaupt was founded in 1942 as a tool manufacturer, but soon turned to the production of silver alloy brazing preforms for the joining of metals. The use of preforms was a new technology that accelerated greatly due to the demands of World War II. Over the next twenty years, Lucas Milhaupt began to offer copper, brass and aluminum brazing preforms and soft solder forms to keep up with the demand of the electronic age. Today, Lucas Milhaupt has five locations providing our customers across the globe with custom brazing solutions.

The Strength of Steel

In 2018, Lucas Milhaupt officially became a part of the Steel Partners family. Steel Partners is a diversified global holding company, dedicated to helping strengthen competitive advantage and increase profitability, while enabling us to achieve operational excellence and enhanced customer satisfaction. Lucas Milhaupt is committed to using Steel Partners Operational Excellence Programs include Lean Manufacturing, Design for Six Sigma, Six Sigma and Strategy Deployment to reduce and eliminate waste. 



The premier braze education resource

Lucas Milhaupt is committed to educating Braze Operators and HVAC/R Service Technicians on proper brazing process and sharing metal joining best practices with the next generation.

Our Braze School is designed for engineers and operators at OEMs who are seeking way to improve process efficiencies and create stronger, longer lasting joints. Lucas Milhaupt also offers NATE certified brazing courses for HVAC/R Service Technicians looking to improve brazing in the field and reduce rework overall.

Lucas Brazing Academy

Brazing Academy

Interested in learning a bit more about various aspects of brazing? Already know what you're doing? Looking to stay up to date on current practices? Look no further!

Check out our Brazing Academy


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