Brazing in Microelectronics

Get to Market First with Innovative Brazing Solutions


Gain competitive advantage with innovative metal joining solutions

In an incredibly competitive industry, electronics manufacturers need an engineering design team they can trust, durable and high purity alloys, and a quick turnaround to align with their go-to market strategy. Electronic industry OEMs need a partner with precision state of the art fabrication for the smallest and most complex geometries with extremely tight tolerances. Our EDM and laser capability allow us to assist our electronics customers during the R&D process and low volume production runs to test, protype, and manufacture innovative electronics designs. 

Get to Market First

Lucas Milhaupt employs some of the best brazing minds in the industry. Our Technical Service team has helped many microelectronic manufacturers research and design cost-effective methods to help their business stay ahead of the competition. With a large selection of in house tooling and protype manufacturing capability, we can test new designs and low-volume production runs to help you meet your design goals.

Precision capabilTy

Our laser, EDM, and stamping fabrication capability allow for precise preform design on microelectronic packaging that demand extremely tight tolerances. We have collaborated with our customers to design custom solutions with wire diameter down to .006" and precision stamping with alloy thickness down to .001". Choose a brazing partner with the capability for the most demanding hermetic seal to maintain the life of mission critical electronic components.

quick turnarounds

Speed is one of the most important factors your customers care about; they want their part in hand as soon as possible. Lucas Milhaupt can help you meet your customers' aggressive deadlines with a set tooling list and guaranteed quoting window. If your customers have deadlines to meet and are pressuring you to deliver, ask how Lucas Milhaupt can help reduce the turnaround time for metal joining materials. 

Assisting Every Member of Your Team

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Quality Managers

Innovative design will only benefit you if the materials you are joining make it through your first time through quality (FTTQ). We monitor our high purity vacuum tube grade alloys from mill to fabrication. We provide complete lot tracking throughout each step of production to reduce variability. That’s the benefit of working with a vertically integrated company; transparent processes result in quality you can trust. 

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Operations Managers

Brazing process improvements can reduce alloy usage over time and ensure a smooth product conversion. The combination of our product range, brazing expertise, and responsive customer service ensure operations departments are able to deliver their innovative designs and feel confident the fragile components are protected.

as9100 brazing, high temperature braze alloy, brazing preform


Microelectronics parts often require high cost precious metals. You want a partner that offers a wide selection of these alloys at critical eutectic compositions, with flexible price programs to lock in pricing and avoid high price per variance across multiple orders. 

Gain competitive advantage with a trusted brazing partner

Bring your next innovative design to life faster by partnering with our team of brazing experts. We strive to serve our microelectronics customers quickly. Lucas Milhaupt boasts over 4,000 dies to select from to expedite the process of your joining needs. If you are looking for a metal joining partner to help you get your innovative microelectronic designs to market faster, connect with one of our brazing experts, today.

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