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Designing Innovative Metal Joining Solutions for HVAC & Refrigeration

educating OEMs on the next generation of HVAC/R brazing designs

As the demand for the next generation of HVAC/R technology increases, Lucas Milhaupt continues to design innovative metal joining solutions for our OEM customers. From the invention of Sil-Fos in 1942, to the recent introduction of our aluminum flux cored AL718, Lucas Milhaupt has continued to develop innovative brazing solutions to equip HVAC/R OEMs with the best design, process, and braze materials on the market.

HVAC/R Tailored engineering

Lucas Milhaupt adjusts our operational capacity to reflect the seasonal peaks of the HVAC/R market. Our modular manufacturing allows our team to quickly respond to and accommodate our customer needs.

Designing Next-gen. hvac/r technology

Lucas Milhaupt brazing experts help HVAC/R engineers to integrate the latest brazing technology and practices, including new alloys, fluxes, forms, and material innovation. We provide expertise and braze training to your team.

Continuous Improvement for OEMS 

The Technical Service team at Lucas Milhaupt educate our HVAC/R OEM customers on the most efficient practices for designing air conditioning units, refrigeration systems, and ice machines all over the world. 

Assisting every division of your team

Streamline Brazing Operations

An evaluation of your existing braze process by a Lucas Milhaupt technical expert can result in brazing process improvements that increase productivity and improve first time through quality metrics.

Reduce Warranty Costs with Quality Process Improvement

Our vertical integration ensures quality is monitored from casting to fabrication. Lucas Milhaupt has helped HVAC/R Quality Managers improve first pass yield, reduce scrap, and reduce warranty costs.

Join with Brazing Experts for Competitive Advantage

Position your company for growth and remain competitive by partnering with the leading metal joining resource in the HVAC/R market.

Brazing with aluminum for HVAC/R

In the last three decades, as the HVAC/R industry has converted from copper to aluminum, the most difficult challenge has been how to reliably braze aluminum. Our unique patented solutions have led the industry and become the gold standard for aluminum brazing. As a lightweight, corrosion-resistant alloy, aluminum can be a cost-effective solution for heat exchange coil construction. If you have return bend, transition joints, manifolds, learn more about our innovative solutions including patent pending triangular brazing ring and flux cored brazing rings, and fluxes that solve the unique challenges of aluminum brazing.

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