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Lucas Milhaupt provides innovate metal joining solutions and training for nickel brazing

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Your Team for Nickel brazing 

When it comes to nickel brazing and metal joining it can be a complex and sensitive process. Making one small flaw can lead to reduced joint strength and process inefficiencies. When we offer our nickel brazing evaluation, one of our expertly trained team members from Lucas Milhaupt will diagnose and even resolve potential operational issues. Not only that but our technical support staff will assist customers in solving their nickel brazing and soldering problems. We help by recommending appropriate alloys and offering possible alternative methods for application.

When it comes to nickel brazing, it's probably the most versatile method of metal joining today. Brazed joints are stronger than most. The tensile strength of a properly made joint will often exceed that of the metals joined. Having the ability to be easily and rapidly made is another benefit, as long as you have operating skills like the team members at Lucas Milhaupt. Our experts are here to help when it comes to any of your nickel brazing needs.

As a global leader in the brazing industry, our team understands that brazing and metal joining is not a simple and easy process to perform. It's important that when choosing the technique and nickel brazing filler you choose the correct options. For over 75 years, Lucas Milhaupt has worked to perfect our skills in metal joining products, including nickel, silver, and gold. Our team will always aim to provide you with the best solution that you may need, including the proper products, resources, and various services. If you're in need of nickel brazing, get in touch with the team at Lucas Milhaupt today!

Industry Solutions

At Lucas Milhaupt, we aim to to proved innovative, custom solutions designed to solve brazing challenges facing original equipment manufacturer engineering teams across industries. We offer custom solutions and pre-packed products to the HVAC/R, aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, mining, electrical and power management, electronics, and medical markets.  

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