Active brazing alloys

Lucas Milhaupt is the worldwide leader of brazing solutions and training worldwide

Automotive Brazing

Premier Active brazing alloys available

Lucas Milhaupt is the global leader in the brazing industry, providing a number of active brazing alloys. As brazers ourselves, we understand the complex and sensitive processes required for brazing. Over the last 75 years, we have perfected active brazing alloys in a variety of metals, forms, and compositions. The key feature of  active brazing alloys is their ability to form a strong and durable connection between metals by creating a chemical reaction at the joint interface. This reaction helps the alloy to wet and spread over the metal surfaces, creating a tight and reliable bond, essential in brazing. We aim to provide the exact solution you may need, including products, resources, training, and other various services. Plus, we offer one of the most extensive pre-packaged inventories of alloys and forms in the industry. Call us today with any questions.

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Industry Solutions

Active brazing alloys find use in various industries, such as electronics, automotive, and aerospace, where precision and strength are crucial. They play a vital role in creating secure connections in devices like sensors, electronic components, and even in complex engine parts of vehicles and aircraft. Our goal is to provide innovative, custom solutions designed to solve brazing challenges regardless of industry. Click below to see the solutiohns we offer for different industries.  

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